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Types Of Toilet Flush Systems: All You Need To Know About Them

Last Updated: 26 April 2021

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Have you ever wondered how your toilet flush system works? You might never have bothered to find out until you started experiencing an issue with its flush or drainage system.

Sometimes you might be compelled to find out about types of toilet flush systems, especially when you want to replace them or construct a new home. From this article, you will find more about how a toilet flushes and types of flush valves. Find out more below.

How does a toilet flush?

How does a toilet flush

A toilet starts flushing by pushing any solid in the trapway after someone flushes it and making it release water inside the bowl. There’s a high arc on the trapway near the back of the toilet. This means that when water reaches the arc’s crest then starts falling, and it forms a suction that clears the waste out of the bowl.

However, a few toilets have such a trapway. Other bathrooms have a flush that depends on the suction at the waste pipe. A toilet may fail to flush appropriately if it has a large waste pipe, which is also poorly designed.

The gravity-flush systems are a result of the suction effect. Water quickly flows to the bowl from the tank to ensure it flushes the waste.

Toilet flush valve types

Toilet flush valve types

A flush is an area of your toilet’s tank that pushes water in the bowl. There are different toilet flush valve types and sizes. Your needs determine your choice if you would like to replace them. Below are some of them.

Standard flush valve

A standard flush valve is among the different types of toilet flushing systems that many toilets use. This a 2-inch flush valve with a flapper that goes up once you move down the toilet handle.

You can find this type of valve in toilets with large tanks and low-flow showers.

3-Inch flush valve

These toilet valve flush types that have a larger valve then the 2-inch flush valves. This makes them flush waste faster, using less water.

4-Inch flush valve

If you are looking for the largest types of toilet flush valves, you should look for the 4-Inch flush valve. It has a piston that goes up so that water can leave the tank at an angle of 360 degrees.

Toilet flush mechanism types

For a toilet to work well, it has to use a flushing mechanism. For this reason, there are some types of toilet flush mechanisms you need to know.

Gravity flush systems

Gravity flush systems

Most old toilet flushing system types use gravity and water weight to form a flushing pressure. These are among the oldest mechanisms of flushing that most people love using due to their timeless simplicity.

There are gravity systems that use a raised cistern. This increases the distance in which water travels to the bowl and create more pressure. With such force, water is pushed in the bowl, which removes waste and cleans the bowl simultaneously.

Pressure assisted flush system

Pressure assisted flush system

These are toilet flushing mechanism types that work just like gravity flush systems. However, the difference is on their extra mechanism that forces water harder in the toilet bowl.

Each time water starts to refill inside the ceramic tank, a plastic tank with an air-filled balloon gets filled with pressure.

The compressed air inside the balloon forces water harder in the bowl during the flushing process. With this flushing system, you can use as little water as possible with more force.

Dual flush system

Dual flush system

Here is yet another flushing system that stands out among the toilet flushing system types due to its exceptional ability to flush waste.

The double flush system is among the different toilet flush types has an environmentally friendly design, which helps you use fewer water thanks to its sufficient force. With this system, two buttons get installed on the same toilet allowing you to do a partial or full flush.

Through the full flush, you can use 1.6 gallons of water to get rid of waste, where solid or liquid. The partial flush is only meant to flush liquid waste. It, therefore, needs 1.1 gallons of water to eliminate liquid waste.

In conclusion

As you can see, the types of toilet flush systems depend on the capacity of people who are going to use the best flushing toilet. Consider getting the pressure-assisted flush system if you are looking for something to be used by a large number of people.

If you are planning to replace or fix your toilet flush system, you might want to get more ideas on the best option from HandyHomeMaster.com.

Which types of toilet flush systems have you ever used? How was your experience with them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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