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A Comprehensive Guide of Wiha vs Wera Tools

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

Calling a mechanic to fix every little thing in your house can be both time consuming and a waste of money. But you can easily get rid of this issue if you start collecting your own tools. Currently, the best tool manufacturing brands on the market are Wiha and Wera. Find out all about Wera vs Wiha today!

Wiha and Wera are the two most popular companies that manufacture almost every tool needed in daily life. When buying a collection of your own tools, it is quite common to get confused between Wiha vs Wera. Rely on the experts’ advice and read our Wera vs Wiha reviews to take a proper decision.

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Wiha vs Wera

Wera Tools Overview

Wera tools entered the market of Germany in 1936. The founder of the firm is Wera Hermann Werner, under whose guidance the company reached the peak of success. Some of the famous brands that function under this company include The Koloss, Joker Ratchet spanners, Bi Torsion screwdriver, and so on. The types of tools they produce include control keys, L-keys, flag handle drivers, nut drivers, drill bits, and many more. Our experts noted in the Wera tools review that they produce quality tools that are ISO certified.


Wera Tools Overview
  • Their collection of tools for professional use: Wera produces screwdrivers, nut-spinners, sockets, and L-keys that are of great quality and can be used for professional purposes. Finding such an extensive collection of German tools under one roof is quite rare.
  • Perfect design with ‘crowns’ in handle: The design of their equipment is perfect for daily use, and they come with ‘crowns’ in handles, which a part of their branding. They will feel comfortable and smooth in your hands due to the excellent quality of the material being used.
  • Durable equipment: No one wants to invest in equipment that does not last long, compared to the money paid. However, Wera has kept this point in mind, and they deliver tools that have awesome quality and last long.

Pros and Cons


  • Their products have a classy design that not only promises elegance but also comes with comfort.
  • The equipment is of superb quality, mostly made of stainless steel and chrome vanadium. Hence, they last for a good many years.
  • Most of their tools come with the modern features that are demanded in the market. The features smoothen the tasks further.
  • The response of the customers has been positive enough in the past few years.


  • The Wera tools are costly. Hence, if you have a tight budget, then this brand might seem out of reach.

Wiha Tools Overview

The company was established in Wuppertal, by Willi Hahn, in the year 1939. Initially, it only manufactured nuts and bolts, but with time they expanded their firm and started manufacturing a variety of tools. In the year 1947, they started gaining expertise in producing screwdrivers. Now, they are known to produce the best screwdriver set on the market. Their production includes tools like pliers, bits, Wiha precision screwdrivers, cutters, torque wrenches, and so on.


Wiha Tools
  • Well-built equipment: Their tools are perfectly built for professional use by mechanics, electricians, and builders. The shape of their equipment is so apt that anyone can use them without fussing.
  • Unique design: Their tools are colored in matte finish paints, making them look unique and elegant. As per the experts of our Wiha tools review, they manufacture the ideal design ever.
  • Decent quality and service: Wiha is popular for delivering good quality products and has a helpful customer service team. Therefore, you can contact them for any queries whenever needed.

Pros and Cons


  • You can expect the fastest ever shipping service when ordering tools from their website.
  • They are known for delivering quality products to their customers.
  • Their customer support team is very helpful and quick to resolve issues.
  • The equipment they deliver is durable in nature.


  • They have such a large variety of products that you might have to struggle a bit to find the exact tool you need.

Products Comparison: Wera vs Wiha

Precision Screwdrivers

The Wera – 5134000001 Kraftform micro big pack screwdriver set comes with 25 pieces of micro screwdrivers. It has an ergonomic handle design for fast working. This Wera screwdriver set weighs around 1.26 pounds. On the other hand, the Wiha 92190 Master technicians bench top set consists of 50 Wiha screwdrivers in a rack. They are made of stainless steel and weigh around 3.67 pounds. Both Wera vs Wiha precision screwdrivers are useful depending on what size you need.


The Wera 05073593001 950 Spkl/9 Sm N multicolor L-key set consists of L-keys for hexagonal shaped socket screws. They are wear-resistant and weigh around 7.04 ounces. The Wiha 66981 color coded SAE ball end hex L-key weighs much less, around 1.1 ounces. In this Wera tools vs Wiha comparison, the latter one wins due to its less weight, as it implies higher portability.

Combination Wrenches

The combination wrench model of Wiha (30394-WIH 084705303949) consists of straight ratcheting wrenches. The toolbox weighs around 2.8 pounds. On the other hand, Wera 05020013001 joker combination wrench set consists of 11 pieces of wrenches and weighs 2.8 pounds. In comparison Wera vs Wiha, both the company’s wrenches are durable.

Bit Sets

The Wiha 79495 31-piece XLSelector bit set contains bit sets of blend material. The total weight of the product is 4.6 ounces. The Wera 05057690001 “ Impact 1” Bit-Check-Silver, comes with 30 pieces bit sets and weighs around 4.8 ounces. Here, the reviews for the Wera are better compared to Wiha.

Differences and Similarities

Differences Similarities
  • Wera is a bit expensive, Wiha is affordable.
  • Wiha has a better customer support team than Wera.
  • Wera uses stainless steel for most tools, which is the best material in the market. Wiha uses different materials alongside stainless steel.
  • Both the brands manufacture good quality products.
  • Their equipment is durable.
  • They have a positive influence on the market.
  • Their products are easily available both online and offline.
  • They produce a wide variety of tools.

Bottom Line

We hope this article has helped you know a lot about the Wera vs Wiha comparison. As you have read, both the brands are outstanding. Hence, you can go for any of the two brands that cater to your budget and needs. So, which brand will you prefer? Do tell us!

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