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What Does a Nanny Cam Look Like?

Last Updated: 21 May 2021

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Since time immemorial, married couples have been leaving their little infants under the care of salaried babysitters, commonly called nannies. We could refer to them as nurses for young children, as their mandate is to take care of the infants. But whatever name you prefer, we agree that we have all heard of the surge in cases of infants being molested by nannies, even kidnapped sometimes. Baby trafficking at the hands of these nannies and regular acts of theft in homes are not new instances. For safety, many people have deployed the use of nanny cameras in their homes. As an additional security detail. Generally, these are CCTV cameras that spy on the nanny when the parents or owners of the house are not around. It helps them track down what exactly happened in the event of mischief or a precarious incidence. But still, for some people, especially the nannies, the idea of nanny cameras is yet to click. Some do not know what they are. Or how they look like. And some do not know if they are being spied on with them or not.

So, What Does a Nanny Cam Look Like?

What Does a Nanny Cam Look Like?

My first glimpse of the words’ nanny cam’ was when my next-door neighbor asked her boss, “Lydia, what does a nanny cam look like?” I also didn’t know that the question was not mine to answer. But now I know, after extensive research.

These cameras are small electronic gadgets, barely the size of a fist. Most of them are just the size of regular CCTV cameras. They take different shapes, depending on the will of the manufacturer. Some are spherical, others are cuboidal, and yet others are just like a pen with a lens on a stick. They run on power; some run on replaceable batteries while others rely on the uninterrupted power supply. Most of them have indicators in the form of LED lights, either red or green. These are meant for the owner to know whether they are operational or not. They can be procured almost anywhere in the electronic shops and major electric outlets. Their prices are generally fair – they go for about $100 to about $200, depending on the quality and the manufacturer.

Since they are meant to track down nannies in the absence of the housemaster or mistress, they are strategically positioned in specific rooms or corners. The aim is to gather as much information as possible. So it should never be disturbing to a nanny to find a camera fixed in the favorite corner of the living room. They are legal spying devices, so the owner reserves the right to keep their location a secret and not to reveal anything about them.

How Does One Detect Nanny Cameras?

How Does One Detect Nanny Cameras?

How to spot a nanny camera has proven to be one of the toughest deliberations a nanny can ever undertake. Just imagine this; you are looking for a camera that is already staring at you, and you don’t know where it is or where to guess. That is a tough one. But after considerable evaluations of possibilities, we believe we have softened the quest for anyone who would like to start a search.

We propose the following if you want to have a reasonable chance of establishing the position of a nanny camera:

1. Search in the Potential Places

A nanny camera cannot be installed in every other room. First of all, the constitution does not allow the installation of a nanny camera in the bathroom or even in the nanny’s private room, if there’s one in the household. So looking in those places would be illogical. The bottom line is how to find a nanny cam. Potential places where a nanny camera would be placed are any room where the nanny and the baby are most likely to spend a significant part of the day. This includes the living room, the baby’s bedroom, kitchen, etc.

2. Turn off the Lights Before Searching

We have established that most of these cameras have LED lights on them for notification purposes. Some may have a red light to signify the presence of a functional battery or to show they are on. But most of these lights are usually invisible during the day or in very well lit rooms. Therefore, before you start your search, it is good that you establish a dark environment. Switch off the lights, draw the curtains and rely on your eyes alone to look for any lights from susceptible quarters of the room. If you see a yellow-green glitter maybe from a corner of the building, that is probably a hidden camera.

3. Search for Camera Cables

Search for Camera Cables

Most analog cameras were manufactured before wireless technology took a toll. If the nanny camera that your boss has procured or has been using is from that era, it is relatively easy to come across it. You only need to identify cables in susceptible quarters of the house. The presence of camera cables may help a great deal on how to detect a nanny cam.

4. Using a Radio-Frequency Detector

The most recent nanny cameras employ advanced technology in the transmission of their signals. They use radio waves to transmit signals, just like a mobile phone video call. To be able to tell if there is any secret such cameras installed, you can use a radio-frequency detector to detect the radio waves from the camera. This is one of the surest ways, although getting the detector is quite expensive.


In this 21st century, the advancement of technology has taught the average human beings to be on par with recent developments. The installation of nanny cameras in the house has become a first-line defense tactic even in the developing world. But some nannies might not also have a clue if they are being spied on. In this article, we have left some points that you could try to point out the positions of nanny cameras in different rooms in the house.

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